about me

Educated at the ESRA (College for Audiovisual Direction) in Paris, I then carried out my national service at the Armed Services’ Film-making and Photography Institute (the ECPA) where I rounded off my training in the field as a cameraman. Afterwards, I headed into fiction, where I became a focus puller in 35mm (The Red and the Black, Coming to terms with the dead, etc…)

I then took on animal films with the series “Histoires Naturelles”, one of the rare shows to still film in super 16. I became a lighting cameraman and resolutely orientated myself towards documentary work, and later, corporate films.

I wrote and directed “Wildlife Photographers”, a 70 min. documentary devoted to the wildlife photographer couple Christine and Michel Denis-Huot, who specialize in the big animals of East Africa, broadcast on France 5 and the National Geographic Channel worldwide.

I have directed “Peru extreme planet” (Ushuaïa TV – TV5 Monde – Tele Peru), “Cluse Up from savanah” (Ushuaïa TV – France Tele distribution) “Carnets de voyages” (Auditoire for Société Générale) and “Where” (Disney), films poles apart from each other which allowed me to reconcile my taste for exploring the human element and the beauty of wildlife and natural lighting with the rigor and dynamism of corporate films. Among my clients count Disney, Ubisoft, L’Oréal, SANOFI…

languages : standard English, and German practiced in a professional context.

education : baccalaureate C math, physics 1985, Deug A math, physics, chemistry 1986, ESRA (film directing college, Paris) 1986/89 national service at the ECPA, the armed services’ film-making institute


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